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Optimize Your Marketing Funnel

Optimize Your Marketing Funnel

Melissa Forziat

This course is about learning to get the most from every lead. The most loyalty, The most revenue. The most referrals. (Use code FABWOMEN)
Value $247

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Monthly Meetings
These are high energy women speaker led meetings. Topics are around the areas of professional growth, personal growth and health and wellness. (Included for FAB Max membership and Non-profit and $25 for Online)
Member Only Events
These events can vary from a fun social, to a get together for a movie and educational topics that are important to women.
Online FAB Library

This is an additional resource where you can see past monthly FAB meetings you may have missed, and interviews by Shanna K with various experts in regard to topics that are important to women. click here

Members' Directory Listing

This directory is public, so you can showcase your business. You can have your picture, your information and social media links. After all you want to be found click here

Private Facebook Group

Here you have a chance to connect at a deeper level, share expertise, promote your products and engage with women at a national level. click here

Discounted Rate for Sponsorship Opportunities
Currently at $175 vs $300 for guests.
Discount at Thrive: Mind, Body & Soul

30% off all memberships at Thrive: Mind, Body & Soul. Click here to sign up. Use code FABWOMEN2020


Group Rate for Aflac
More choices and better pricing when taking advantage of group pricing. For more information click logo below to contact representative:

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LegalShield Discount
Your LegalShield Member Benefits includes affordable legal services and identity theft protection for individuals, families, and business owners.  Services are nationwide, monthly, and cover pre-existing situations.  Worry Less. Live More.

Visit the FABWOMEN custom website at for info, pricing, and enrollment.  Please contact Kenyatta directly for a FREE consultation to learn more about the coverage to meet your needs!

Contact Info:
Kenyatta Turner, MM
LegalShield Business Solutions Specialist
Call/Text (602) 367-1069

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UPS, Office Depot & Lenovo Discounts

Go to to view our exclusive member discounts on UPS, Office Depot and Lenovo products and services.

  • For UPS: click here for more details and to enroll
  • For Office Depot: click here for more details and to register and shop online
  • For Lenovo: click here to open an account and shop online


Liberty Mutual Benefits

Fellow member Erica Johnson is your contact for your Liberty Mutual benefits.

  • Automatically qualify for preferred rates with Liberty Mutual
  • Access to personal agent (no more automated systems)
  • You can receive quotes from not just Liberty Mutual, but 15 other A-rated companies so you don’t have to spend hours shopping around!
  • One stop shop for all of your business liability insurance, auto, home, life, and all other insurance needs

Contact Erica:

Four things to remind yourself daily - I am amazing -I can do anything -positivity is a choice- I am prepared to succeed.